Participant testimonials


I did the course at Saunton last year, starting in May. I had been suffering from long covid for over a year at that point. I was having a lot of unpleasant symptoms still and unable to work (I am a physiotherapist in the nhs). My mental health was also really suffering at this stage- loss of identity, loss of confidence in my body, social isolation and coming to terms with how much I had lost of my previous life. Before catching covid I had been extremely active- running, swimming, cycling, surfing, paddle boarding. So I was confident and at home in the sea but never without a wetsuit!
As my long covid worsened, I was house and bed bound. By May I could drive again and walk about a mile. I already loved the sea and all the activities that go with it but I had always worn a wetsuit. I had read about all the benefits of cold water swimming and decided to give the Chill course a go. It was so incredibly good for me. I felt that I was achieving something and going out of my comfort zone. The instructors (Erin and Chrissie) were so kind and experienced I felt that I was in really good hands straight away. The cold water had a positive effect on reducing the worst of my symptoms (headaches and dysautonomia mainly) and had a massive benefit to my mental health, it was a real turning point for me.
Once the course finished i continued to dip regularly in just a swim suit. A couple of my friends got on board too and I am proud to say that I am still dipping at least once a week. Even if I am having a really bad day it never fails to make me feel better and give me a huge sense of achievement. I managed to start back at work in November and am slowly increasing my hours. I don’t know if I will ever make a full recovery but I do know for sure that the cold water swimming has helped me get as far as I have and has also given me a new “hobby” that is within my new limits. I will be forever grateful to you and your fantastic team for that.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart


Chill Southend

Based on Joscelyne’s beach, Chalkwell, we offer a welcoming, safe and supportive way to access all the health benefits of cold water immersion. 

Chill South Devon - Bigbury-on-sea

Chill South Devon

Chill South Devon enables people to benefit from the many health benefits of cold water immersion at some of the most stunning and restorative locations in the UK.

Cleethorpes Pier

Chill Nottingham and Lincolnshire

Chill Lincs and Notts CIC is an none for profit organisation. We offer a welcoming, supportive, and safe environment along the Lincolnshire coast.

Perthshire Tay

Chill Perthshire

CHILL Perthshire CIC, is a non profit organisation based in Crieff Perthshire. We provide CHILL courses in some of the most beautiful locations.

Chill Belhaven Beach, East Lothian

Chill East Lothian

Making the most of the beautiful beaches of East Lothian, we offer open water swimming courses to provide everyone with a safe and supportive way to access all the health benefits of cold water immersion.

Chill London

Chill London

Starting in June 2021 we are proud to be working with Olympic Open Water Swimming Medalist Keri-Anne Payne to deliver Chill courses to the NHS.

St Agnes

Chill St Agnes

Starting in June 2021 we are proud to be working with the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust to deliver Chill courses to the NHS

people on beach during daytime

Chill Brighton

Brighton chill has a decade of experience of offering open water swimming courses and our own dedicated swimming centre close to the beach

bournemouth beach, Chill

Chill Dorset

Chill Therapy Bournemouth is a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing sea swimming courses as a form of therapy for people with anxiety and depression

Chill Margate, East Kent

Chill East Kent

We use the surrounding area which boasts some of the UK’s best beaches with golden sand and chalk cliffs.

Chill CIC Devon

Chill North Devon

Chill started life here in North Devon and we’ve now run open water courses for over 200 people with lots more planned for this year