Chill South Devon

Chill South Devon enables people to benefit from the many health benefits of cold water immersion at some of the most stunning and restorative locations in the UK.

Chill South Devon


Bigbury beach car park, Bigbury-on-Sea, Kingsbridge TQ7 4AS

Hub leader

Paul Noone

Contact information

07775 560013

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Our mission is to enable and support more and more people to benefit from the many health benefits of cold water immersion. 

From the gorgeous South Devon beaches to the glorious freshwater River Dart, our structured and supportive courses gently introduce course participants to the wonderful therapeutic benefits of spending time in the water. 

Over the course of eight weeks, we help participants to develop an open water swimming practice they can sustain for themselves into the future, whether independently or with friends old and new, as an ongoing form of self-care and holistic health practice. 

Chill South Devon Team

Paul Noone
I am a professional coach and facilitator, working in support of a more sustainable, healthy and just world.
Dr Tania Longman
I'm a GP with a special interest in menopause and work in the Plymouth area. 

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CHILL the Mind – Cold-water swimming to support positive wellbeing

Start date Friday 27th September 2024

Macmillan sponsored, “Into the Blue” for people with a cancer diagnosis

Macmillan sponsored, "Into the Blue" is an 8 week course for people living with or recovering from cancer.

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