Where do courses take place?

We currently have courses taking place in North Devon, East Kent, Brighton, Bournemouth, Worcestershire, Cornwall and London.  We continue to work to increase the locations available across the whole of the UK so watch this space!

Do I have to be fit?

Not particularly, but you must have no serious underlying health issues which will make it dangerous for you to participate in these sessions. You also have to be able to swim 2 lengths of a 25m pool unaided for all sessions and for some of our beach locations you will need to be able to walk approx. 1 mile unaided due to the distance to the water at low tide.

What do I bring?

Warm clothes, a waterproof jacket & towelling robe or a waterproof changing robe, goggles (not essential), a swimsuit and a bag or bucket for your clothes – don’t bring valuables.

In the colder months we may also require you to bring a warm drink, woolly hat and even a hot water bottle to help you warm up after the session.

Your session leader will send you details specific to your session and location.

Do I need shoes?

Yes, something suitable for outdoor wear as you will be walking on and off the beach or lakeside.

How long are the sessions?

Each session will take about 1 hour, with between approx. 10 to 35 minutes in the water depending on the temperature, conditions and how acclimatised the group has become.

Could the sessions be cancelled?

Yes, your safety is our primary concern and if conditions are due to be unsafe then the session will be cancelled.  We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of any cancellation.

How many people are there in each group?

Approximately 8 people

Where do I change?

Use your changing robe or come ready wearing your changing robe.

Are there toilets?

Please check each location.

What happens to my belongings during the session?

Put all your belongings (no valuables) in your bag or bucket, this will be left near to the water during your session. Chill takes no responsibility for your belongings.

How much do the sessions cost?

Many of our courses are free of charge as they are funded for people with mental health issues. You may be referred by your GP or we also take self-referrals.  Some courses may require a contribution from participants.  Speak to your local hub to find out the details of courses they have available.

Why do I have to fill in a form?

Primarily the details on the form provide us with the information we need to ensure your safety in the water.  We also need to provide information to our funders in some cases, and also we will be using the information as data to find out how effective Cold Water Immersion is in the treatment of depression. Although there is anecdotal evidence for Cold Water Treatment being successful in the treatment of Anxiety and Depression, there has never been a medical trial. All information will only be passed to other agencies with your permission.

How safe is it?

All outdoor activities come with an element of risk.  However our courses are specifically designed to be very safe.  Each course will have a trained coach and a qualified lifeguard. The course is covered by public liability insurance.

Once I have completed the course, can I apply to go on the course again?


Will I suffer from cold water shock?

No, while it certainly could be a bit nippy, (14-16c) we will make sure that you enter the water gradually. By the end of the course, your body will have built up a resilience to cold water and you will be able to spend more time in the water.

Will I feel less anxious/depressed?

While we cannot give guarantees that cold water therapy will work, from an anecdotal standpoint it seems to, added to this the feel good factor of being outside in nature and doing exercise with other likeminded people it should certainly make you feel better.

Will I be able to continue after the course?

Yes, you will have been taught many of the skills necessary to swim safely and will be put in touch with others from the course and also other swim groups.

Should I stop taking my medication?

No, not unless you are told to by your doctor.

Chill Southend

Based on Joscelyne’s beach, Chalkwell, we offer a welcoming, safe and supportive way to access all the health benefits of cold water immersion. 

Chill South Devon - Bigbury-on-sea

Chill South Devon

Chill South Devon enables people to benefit from the many health benefits of cold water immersion at some of the most stunning and restorative locations in the UK.

Cleethorpes Pier

Chill Nottingham and Lincolnshire

Chill Lincs and Notts CIC is an none for profit organisation. We offer a welcoming, supportive, and safe environment along the Lincolnshire coast.

Perthshire Tay

Chill Perthshire

CHILL Perthshire CIC, is a non profit organisation based in Crieff Perthshire. We provide CHILL courses in some of the most beautiful locations.

Chill Belhaven Beach, East Lothian

Chill East Lothian

Making the most of the beautiful beaches of East Lothian, we offer open water swimming courses to provide everyone with a safe and supportive way to access all the health benefits of cold water immersion.

Chill London

Chill London

Starting in June 2021 we are proud to be working with Olympic Open Water Swimming Medalist Keri-Anne Payne to deliver Chill courses to the NHS.

St Agnes

Chill St Agnes

Starting in June 2021 we are proud to be working with the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust to deliver Chill courses to the NHS

people on beach during daytime

Chill Brighton

Brighton chill has a decade of experience of offering open water swimming courses and our own dedicated swimming centre close to the beach

bournemouth beach, Chill

Chill Dorset

Chill Therapy Bournemouth is a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing sea swimming courses as a form of therapy for people with anxiety and depression

Chill Margate, East Kent

Chill East Kent

We use the surrounding area which boasts some of the UK’s best beaches with golden sand and chalk cliffs.

Chill CIC Devon

Chill North Devon

Chill started life here in North Devon and we’ve now run open water courses for over 200 people with lots more planned for this year