Please email mike@chilluk.org or fill in the below form for available slots.

Where do courses take place?

Courses take place at Croyde, Putsborough and Westward Ho! however we are soon expanding across the whole of the UK so watch this space!

Do I have to be fit?

Not particularly, but you must have no serious underlying health issues which will make it dangerous for you to participate in these sessions. You also have to be able to swim 2 lengths of a 25m pool unaided.

What do I bring?

Warm clothes, goggles (not essential) a swimsuit and a bag for your clothes – don’t bring valuables.

Do I need shoes?

Yes, something suitable for beach wear as you will be walking on and off the beach (sandals / flip fops etc)

How Long are the sessions?

Each session will take about 1 hour, with about 30 minutes in the sea.

Could the sessions be cancelled?

Yes if it is expected to be a red flag day, 24 hours notice will be given.

How many people are there?

Approximately 8 people

What will Chill supply?

A swim hat and possibly a changing robe for the duration of the course.

Where do I change?

Use you changing robe or come ready wearing your changing robe!

Are there toilets?

Please check each location, but yes, Croyde, Putsborough and Westward Ho! do.

How does Covid 19 affect the sessions?

As a support group we are allowed to continue with courses, and you will be given updates as they occur.

What happens to my belongings during the session?

Put all your belongings (no valuables) in your bag, and you will place them near the RNLI Lifeguard Hut. Chill takes no responsibility for your belongings.

How much do the sessions cost?

They are free, as Active Devon are funding the course.

Why do I have to fill in a form?

We need to provide information to Active Devon, for the funding, we need to make sure you are healthy enough to participate in the course and also we will be using the information as data to find out how effective Cold Water Immersion is, in the treatment for depression. Although there is anecdotal evidence for Cold Water Treatment being successful in the treatment for Anxiety and Depression, there has never been a medical trial until now. All information will remain anonymous.

How safe is it?

Very safe each course will have a coach and a lifeguard. The course is covered by public liability Insurance.

Once I have completed the course, can I apply to go on the course again?


Why am I not wearing a wetsuit?

Due to Covid19 we are unable at present to supply wetsuits, also the benefit of not wearing a wetsuit in the water is greater than wearing a wetsuit. You can if you wish use your own wetsuit, but we would ask you to take it off at the end of the session for a quick dip!

Will I suffer from cold water shock?

No, while it certainly could be a bit nippy, (14-16c) we will make sure that you enter the water gradually. By the end of the course, your body will have built up a resilience to cold water and you will be able to spend more time in the sea.

Will I feel less anxious/depressed?

While we cannot be assured that the treatment will work, from an anecdotal standpoint it seems to work, added to this the feel good factor of being outside with nature doing exercise and with other likeminded people will certainly make your feel better.

Will I be able to continue after the course?

Yes tour will have all the information necessary to swim safely and will be put in touch with others from the course and also other swim groups.

Should I stop taking medication?

No unless told to by your doctor.