Paul Noone

I am a professional coach and facilitator, working in support of a more sustainable, healthy and just world.  I grew up in Dún Laoghaire, in Ireland, and have never felt happier or more at peace than when enjoying the great outdoors, especially the open waters.

In 2017, my family and I fulfilled our dream of moving to South Devon, making life in and by the water a daily reality.  We are part of a community sailing club on the River Dart, and we have a small old wooden boat currently moored in the Kingsbridge-Salcombe Estuary.  As a family, we have long felt the health benefits of cold water immersion: most recently, in the form of much-needed relief from long Covid symptoms.

In my coaching work, I draw on a range of collaborative, embodied, and nature-based practices to empower others to gain fresh perspective, pursue new possibilities, and to imagine and create positive futures for themselves, their families, organisations, and communities.   

As a Chill coach, I am passionate about helping others on their journeys to personal healing and regeneration, in companionship with trusted others, and in collaboration with the beautiful open waters of South Devon.

Paul Noone

Join us on the beach for sea sessions to naturally help manage anxiety and depression.